Heavy Flavour Steering group

Heavy Flavour Steering group

The Heavy Flavour Steering group has in charge to coordinate the activities on Heavy Flavour Physics, at LEP1, between LEP collaborations and to establish contacts with other experiments working in this field in view of getting results which include all experimental measurements. (Steering group members, guidelines).

Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle

Have a look at the Workshop page. It has been held at CERN in February (13-16th) 2002.

The different teams

b-hadron lifetimes WG

B-oscillations WG

Vcb WG

Vub WG

CKM Unitary triangle parameters

Steering group publications

General documents: After Winter conferences, a note summarizing the new averages has to be prepared and is expected to become a common iternal note for the different collaborations. New results produced for Summer conferences have to be included in a note, which after appropriate approvals inside the different collaborations is expected to become a EP preprint (at least). The final version of this paper for Summer 99 is available.

The preprint corresponding to results made available for Summer 2000 conferences (CERN-EP/2001-050) is ready.

LEPC presentations: Results obtained for Summer 2001, presented by A. Stocchi, at the LEP Physics Jamboree (July 10) are available there .

Internal notes: An evaluation of theoretical errors affecting the evaluation of Vcb using inclusive and/or semi-inclusive semileptonic B decays has been submitted to the criticisms of several theorists. A new draft from I.I. Bigi is available (06-07-99). After the discussions we had during the "Informal Workshop on the derivation of Vub and Vcb: experimental status and theory uncertainties" (28th May- 2nd June 1999) a note has been prepared to finalize the central values and uncertainties of the parameters taken from theory in the measurements of vcb and Vub at LEP. The present version of this note can be accessed.

Meetings to discuss pending issues on the extraction of Vub and Vcb

Several meetings have taken place at CERN since June 1999 to discuss issues related to the theoretical uncertainties in the extraction of Vub and Vcb. All details can be found here .

Ongoing activities

The preprint on results delivered for Summer 2000 Conferences is in preparation. As compared to the previous issue (on Summer 99 results) it contains three new sections: on charm counting in B decays, on CP violation studies at LEP and on unitarity triangle parameters fits.

Updated results on oscillations and lifetimes have been prepared for MORIOND QCD, please have a look at corresponding group pages. These averages have been obtained including new measurements from BaBar and BELLE.

Averages for the 2001 and 2002 PDG issues have been prepared (lifetimes, rates, oscillations, Vcb, Vub, .....)

Averages for ICHEP2002 can be found by clicking on the different working group pages (at present 24-07-2002 it works only for the Oscillation team).

Minutes of the meetings

Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed below (distribution list) :

18-01-1999 meeting
23-02-1999 meeting
18-05-1999 meeting
13-07-1999 meeting
26-10-1999 meeting
28-01-2000 meeting
23-02-2000 meeting
07-06-2000 meeting
05-03-2001 meeting
08-10-2001 meeting

Next meeting

No new meeting foreseen.

Meeting dates in 2001:

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